Come Haunt With Us in a MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT Livestream!

Who is responsible for the death of Detective Ronan O’Connor? How is Ronan able to walk the earth in the form of a ghost? What kind of monster would kill a man in a super-stylish fedora/vest combo? These are the type of questions that’ll you’ll be answering in Square Enix’s upcoming action-adventure title, Murdered: Soul Suspect.

If you’re salivating to know what this game is all about before its June 3 release date, then you’ll be pleased to know that later today we’ll be live on our Twitch TV channel with the Chief Creative Officer of Airtight Games, Matt Brunner, to learn the tools of the trade for solving your own murder mystery from beyond the grave.  You’ll be able to have your questions answered directly as Dan, Jessica and I give the game a spin for the first time.

The stream will start promptly at 1pm PST, so feel free to join us as we haunt the masses on Twitch.TV with one of the people responsible for the game. And if you’re lucky, someone may– just may– wear a super sexy fedora for the entirety of the broadcast. Can you guess who?


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