Behold! The Majesty of KING CONAN!

Cannes is in full swing right now. That means projects that need a little nudge getting off the ground with extra funding are there seeking investors for the next big thing (it’s like Kickstarter, but you get to meet the people you’re pleading with for money).

And one of those films looking for help is King Conan, Arnie’s planned return to the franchise that made his greased-up biceps a thing.

The Arnold Fans spotted the promotional image below, which shows a grizzled Conan the monarch in a riff on a piece of art that was used for the 2000 DVD of Conan the Barbarian.


King Conan has been a project that many fans of the 1982 film have been hoping would come to fruition before star Arnold Schwarzenegger was too old to pick up a sword.

The 66-year-old actor has been in a string of not-so-great post-Governator roles, but it looks like his return to the Terminator franchise is a sign that he’s happy to be back where he’s loved. According to JoBlo, Universal Pictures would love to get Conan to go full warrior king following Terminator: Genesis, in King Conan with a script by World Trade Center writer Andrea Berloff.

My hope: that Schwarzenegger’s classic character nostalgia cavalcade gets us sequels to Commando and Predator.

The poster is being very optimistic in hoping that we’ll see King Conan in theaters by 2015.

What do you think? Are you excited for the voyages and adventures of old Conan?

[Source: The Arnold Fans via JoBlo]

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  • This is actually one of the few “old Arnie” sequels that actually makes sense.  Norse mythology often has kings who are older but still capable of fighting, and Conan could take that same tactic.  I’d definitely go see this.

      • Conan the Barbarian (1982) kicks ass.

        Conan the Destroyer is terrible, but has a certain kitchy charm. You almost have to respect the film for bizarre casting of Grace Jones and Wilt Chamberlain.

        Conan the Barbarian (2011) was shite (although Jason Momoa was well cast)

        As for the spin off films:

        Red Sonia, like Conan the Destroyer, was pretty lame, but kind of fun in a trashy way.

        Kull the Conqueor was unwatchable.

        • So annoying when people give their “definitive” opinions of a movie franchise. Conan the movie was fantastic..because of Arnie..because of music..because of script..etc.. Destroyer was also good, in a watered down way, but still a plausible episode in Conans life. Momoa bit off WAY more than they could deliver, however the cg was phenomenal! 

  • Here’s how you make a great autumnal Conan movie:
    Get David Gemmell’s estate sell the film rights for his novel “Legend”, with the understanding that the character of Druss would be adapted as Conan, and that the film would be called “The Legend of Conan”.
    For those who’ve never read “Legend”, it is essentially a story of an elderly Conan. Gemmell has said as much. His Conan-esque character is a great old barbarian named Druss. Druss has literally become a legend in his own lifetime. Everyone knows him for the many battles he has won, the wars he has fought in and valor and courage he has displayed time after time. But Druss has long since disappeared into the mountains, where he mourns the loss of his one and only love (a character very similar to Valyria in Conan the Barbarian). Many believe Druss to be dead, and some doubt whether he was ever the man that legend suggests.
    Then a great army of raiders and reavers called the Nadir march on the peaceful kingdom of Drennai, and only one fortress stands between Drennai and the Nadir invasion.  Unfortunately the fortress is manned only by a small cadre of conscripted farmers and untrained soldiers. Defeat is inevitable. This is their last stand, their mission is to die, but delay the invasion for as long as possible, a fantasy Alamo. 
    Druss, our Conan, hears of the impending battle from his mountain retreat, and knowing that there is no glory in dying of old age, he decides to go to the fortress to join the soldiers, and to die a warrior’s death. His presence at the fort inspires the men, but is it enough, especially now that Druss’ body is failing him. 
    The whole book is suffused with meloncholy and nostalgia. It would make a truly great Conan film and with Arnie in the role it would be absolutely beautiful way to put the character to bed. 
    I understand that fans of Gemmell or Robert Howard might reject this idea as blasphemous, but I think merging these two very similar writers together into one film that honours both vision would be a great homage to both.
    By the way, Arnie, if you are looking for a screenwriter or director, give me a call.