WRECK-IT RALPH Composer Outs New Sequel In The Works

Movie composer Henry Jackman, who’s also known for his work on X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has revealed that a Wreck-It Ralph sequel is in the works.

WreckItRalph“I can’t tell you more, not because I’m being coy, but I believe that it is officially on the cards. I don’t know any more other than a story is indeed being written,” said Jackman during an interview with Collider. Staying true to his word, Jackman left the teasing at that, and didn’t further elaborate on any details for the supposed sequel.

Wreck-It Ralph was able to stray far from the tall pile of cringe-worthy licensed video game films, delivering a unique take at game culture and game development and packaging it into a fun and entertaining Disney movie. Are you up for catching a Wreck-It Ralph follow-up in theaters? Tell us what you think about Wreck-It Ralph II in the comments.

HT: Collider

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