Watch ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK’s First Scene of Season 2 Right This Minute!

Friends and admirers of the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary, your first real taste (trailer notwithstanding) of the second season of Orange is The New Black is here, at long last. The hotly anticipated return of the Netflix series — all yours for the binge-watching come June 6th — has kept very, very mum on what’s in store for the inmates on the Jenji Kohan show, but now we’ve got some hints. Namely: Our leading lady Piper has been in solitary. For a while. And in that time she’s found herself to be an artisté! But don’t just sit here reading us describing it — it’s much more fun to dive in and watch it all unfold for yourself.

OK, a few questions: is that sort of imagery really capable with a cooked egg yolk? How long has Piper been in here and is this the moment where she’s finally let out? Unfortunately the whole production’s keeping tight-lipped on what’s to come in our second OITNB outing, but one thing is certain: we’re really looking forward to it.

Aren’t you? Let us know your thoughts on the new scene in the comments.

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