Vengeance? Justice? GAME OF THRONES’ Clip Proves There’s Little Difference

Ahhh, is there anything better than the myriad shades of grey cast upon the divisions of good and evil on HBO’s Game of Thrones? From a storytelling standpoint, there may be nothing more exciting than playing in and around the muck that complicates whether or not a person is perceived as “good guy” or “bad guy.” And with season four’s latest episode, “Oathkeeper,” those delineations look to be further dissected in the aftermath of Joffrey’s death.

There are more than a few blurred lines on that front heading into this episode, what With Sansa on the run with Littlefinger, Tyrion waiting to find his fate in the dungeons, that whole Jaime/Cersei thing, and Jon Snow battling against the stubborn elders of the Night’s Watch… to say nothing of Dany’s upcoming attack on Meereen. (Get your fantasy fantasy league ready for that one, folks.) It looks like most of our favorites will be pushed to decide for themselves which side of that dual-faced vengeance/justice coin under which their machinations fall — whether they’ve committed an act or were merely a pawn. But all of this is likely far more exciting if you just watch the clip yourself:

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