Throthgar’s Top Ten RPGs: Role-Playing At Its Best

Most non-fans of role-playing games look at the genre as a weird video game version of LARPing. But be they RPGs with old school turn-based style combat or the more accessible real time command RPG titles like Fallout, some of the greatest stories ever told lie comfortably within the RPG genre.

The wonderful wizards of Tyrannicon have once again constructed a covenant list, this one highlighting the most prominent RPG titles to ever see the light of day. Did Japanese RPG games dominate the list from top to bottom? Which Final Fantasy title(s), if any, were able to make the cut? These are ten games that would make any gamer adhere to the wise words of the great Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Throthgar’s top ten best RPG games:

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