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This New ORPHAN BLACK Video will Drive Cophine ‘Shippers Totally Nuts

There’s a contingent of fans in Orphan Black‘s Clone Club known as the Clonesbians, and this video feels as though it was made especially for them. In yet another (not that we’re complaining… at ALL) teaser clip in anticipation of Orphan Black‘s second season premiere (April 19th! SO CLOSE!), the world of Delphine — Cosima’s monitor and paramour — gets its dissection due, and things aren’t going to be all easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for these two lovebirds. Hold onto your butts, Cophine ‘shippers!

After calling Cosima a “pauvre petit chiot” (that’s “poor little puppy” for you English-only speakers out there) because of course she did, the delicate balance of Delphine’s allegiances are put into question — Can she be trusted? Does she really love Cosima? Are Alison’s suspicions right? — bringing yet another layer of intrigue and mystery to the season two proceedings. Should the universe of Orphan Black fans worry about their favorite couple? And what sort of crazy science will these two get up to next in the name of saving Cosima from her mystery respiratory illness? The questions abound! And if we’re being honest, we’re afraid of the answers.

What do you think season two will reveal about Delphine? Are you a member of Team Science Mega Force? Let us know in the comments.

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