This is What a World Record HALF-LIFE Speed Run Looks Like

This one isn’t for the queasy.

YouTube user quadrazid posted this 20:41 second run through 1998’s Half-Life, and it’s a thing of potentially motion sickness-inducing beauty.

The video’s author explains that the speed run has been in the planning stages since 2010, involving new routes, tricks, and figuring out ways to beat the previous record of 29:41 on the game’s Hard difficulty setting.

For you purists out there, quadrazid concedes that they did use a handful of keyboard scripts to help with the speed run (“[T]he most widely used scripts are jump spam, duck spam, 180º turn for gauss boost and precise use-key actions”) and also utilized a mod which rolled back some of the updates and changes to the game on Valve’s side over the years.

It’s still nuts, though.

HT: Joystiq

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  • It would be more impressive if he wasn’t cheating. He’s using mods to increase his speed and jump height. He’s also using a console command to negate fall damage and decrease the amount of surface area needed to constitute a “physics landing” which is why he’s bouncing around the Anomalous Materials lab and sticking to objects.

  • I’m not sure what’s more sad. The fact that someone wasted so much time on a meaningless speed run that uses glitches, keyboard scripts, and “also utilized a mod which rolled back some of the updates and changes to the game on Valve’s side over the years.” Or that people are impressed by it. You might as well fire up Final Fantasy VII with a Game Shark, use the debug room to jump straight to the final duel with Sephiroth, and claim that as a record speed run too. Be sure to give the stats at the end as well. Time: 2:00 minutes. Steps taken: 15. Limit Breaks used: 1. Enemies killed: 1. I’d like to thank Sony for the amazing Playstation game console. Squaresoft for a fantastic rpg. InterAct for the always fun Game Shark. And of course, me for being so awesome for doing this. It’s basically the same thing right?

  • Lol at the haters so jealous. Having some scripts and a mod that pushes back patches doesnt make it cheating, he’s simply playing the game on a previous patch, its literally nothing like gameshark. Stay mad kids.

  • Hey Life here, just thought I’d stop by and tell you to do something better with me then crap scripted speed runs through old games.

    Thanks again,

    Your Life