THE WIL WHEATON PROJECT is a Go for SYFY & Other Important Details

Last week we told you about the announcement that friend of Nerdist Wil Wheaton was getting a new TV show, a very exciting prospect. Well now we’ve got even more details — straight from the horse’s mouth (erm, blog). Wheaton took to the Internet on Wednesday to expound upon the announcement and provide more details on The Wil Wheaton Project (and yes, that is its very official new name).

Wheaton’s new show has been a year-long labor of intensive love (detailed in all its montage-y goodness over on his blog if you’re interested in a long read), and will be “a weekly roundup of the things I love on television and on the Internet, with commentary and jokes, and the occasional visit from interesting people who make those things happen.” So, E!’s The Soup, but for geeks!

Coming to your screens on May 27th at 10PM on Syfy, the 12 episode, 30-minute long summer series will cover science fiction and genre favorites in TV, popular culture, and — of course — the Internet. The Wil Wheaton Project has Wheaton not only as host, but deeply entrenched in its creative process as a writer and producer.

The whole thing came about because of Wheaton’s love for “those hilariously bad paranormal reality shows” (there’s heaps of comedy gold there, for sure). The host is sure the show will excite audiences as much as it did the executives at the network, and is set to bring “Science Fiction back to Syfy.”

But for fans of Wheaton’s worried about what this means for his other ventures, such as Tabletop (his web series with Felicia Day), have no fear: “I made sure that everyone knew I’d be doing Tabletop, and I made sure that my contract included language that would guarantee my ability and availability to make Tabletop.” So, basically: everybody wins here! Exciting, innit?

Are you going to tune into The Wil Wheaton Project when it premieres next month? Sound off in the comments!

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