Drink as much soda as you want. The world’s greatest soda drinking game, Soda Drinker Pro, is making its way to the Xbox One via ID@Xbox as a Kinect-enabled indie title.

Revealed during PAX East, you can now can “grasp” a can in your hands and go through the motions of the 100 original soda drinking simulations found in the PC version, along with ten never-before-seen exclusives, and with achievements.Soda Drinker Pro Cows

In addition, the Xbox One version of Soda Drinker Pro includes the Vivian Clark mode, which has “500% more content than the original version, drastically improved graphics and gameplay, and thousands of possible options for the players to experience.” It’s basically a game within a game, but mostly a lot of simulated arm-lifting-a-can soda drinking. Seriously, this thing is as real as Goat Simulator.

Soda Drinker Pro Vivian Clark 2If the art and concept for both Soda Drinker Pro and Vivian Clark look a bit familiar, it’s because the devs also created the oddly heart-wrenching My Girl: The Video Game.

Though we don’t have a console release date as of yet, you can quench your thirst with the PC and Mac versions, which include Oculus Rift support, now for $5.

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