So Many Dead Knights in the LIFE GOES ON Trailer

Before you ask, no, this item isn’t about that Life Goes On; this one has more dead knights in it. Although “Corky and the Dead Knights” has a nice ring to it.

No, this is the trailer for Infinite Monkeys Entertainment’s puzzle platformer Life Goes On, out now on Steam for the PC and Mac. In it, you play as a bunch (Gang? Crew?) of knights who will often have to come to grisly and abrupt ends for their fellows to escape the game’s 52 levels.

According to the press release from the game’s developer, in 2012, Life Goes On was a Global Game Jam project, nabbing an award for Best Character Design. Conceptually, it seems interesting, although I can’t get over the floaty, Giana Sisters-style look of the character movement.

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