Professor Hardwick Teaches Us The ’80s On CHAOTIC AWESOME

If some of your fondest memories of the ’80s saw you guzzling juice out of sippy cups over Saturday morning episodes of Pee-wee’s Playhouse, then this episode of Bite Size TV’s new show Chaotic Awesome just so happens to be right up your alley. Join Nerdist’s own Chloe Dykstra and Michele Morrow, along with Christina Ochoa and Marisha Ray, as Professor Hardwick educates them on the good ole 1980s. Grab your pen and notepad, ladies and gents, class is officially in session:

Consider me schooled! This is just a taste of the brilliant nerdy banter that ensues every week on Chaotic Awesome. You can catch more of the ladies over on the newly launched BiteSize TV YouTube channel.

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