Play Nerdist’s WonderCon Bingo And You Might Win A Cube 3D Printer!

Will you be at WonderCon in Anaheim this weekend? Well, then, you should be playing Nerdist’s WonderCon Bingo. Why? Because it’s your chance to win a Cube 3D printer, that’s why. Yeah, I want one, too, but I’m not eligible. You are, so here’s how you can win:

Take the Bingo card above and tweet or Instagram 5 photos from the card – tag ‘em with @NerdistDotCom. Bring it to the Nerdist booth and show one of our friendly Nerdist representatives your photos. You’ll get a ticket for a drawing, and one lucky entrant will win the printer. There’ll be a Cube at the booth along with a representative from 3D Systems to answer your questions and show it off, so whether you play the game or not, stop by and take a look.

All right, then, you have your marching orders, Friends of Nerdist at WonderCon. Start snapping pictures! And follow @NerdistDotCom and hashtag #NerdistWC on Twitter and Instagram for more updates from the WonderCon floor…

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