Oh My Glob, It’s Time to Build Your Own BMO

It’s impossible to choose a favorite character on Adventure Time, but BMO is near the top of my list. The little living video game console brings the cute, but he’s also a loyal friend who bails Finn and Jake out of trouble. In short, he’s exactly the kind of companion you want to have around, and if you have skills with a RaspberryPi computer and can cut medium-density fibreboard (MDF), then you’re well on your way to making a new friend.

The folks behind BYO BMO have documented their process for making a version of the character that has animated facial expressions, speaks, and displays video. They go into details so you can take their knowledge and construct a BMO of your very own. I want to make one to sit on my desk and keep me company.

See the DIY BMO in action in the following video:

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HT: Technabob

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