Nathan Fillion Shows Off His Comic Book Nail Art Skills On CONAN

You never know what you’ll learn by tuning into late night television. You could discover a new band, hear a hilarious joke, or you could find out Nathan Fillion can wield a nail polish brush like a cosmetics blogger. Fillion appeared on Conan recently, and the host asked him about his skills in the nail art department.

Fillion’s girlfriend was admiring pictures of nail art she saw online (yes, it’s a thing), and he said he could totally do it. She called his bluff, and in an unsurprising move, Fillion set himself to the task. He says the small canvas makes the activity a “giant pain in the ass,” but it didn’t stop him.

He did a rather good job painting the superhero symbols on each nail, and I appreciate that he kept it fair by putting DC Comics symbols on one foot and Marvel on the other. I salute you, Captain.

HT: Kotaku

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