Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘Want It’ by Kelela, Tink, and DJ Dahi

This is the only song I listened to today.

Kelela, one of our favorite new artists of last year, and the teenaged Chicago-based singer/rapper Tink (who will probably have a spot on one of our lists this year) have teamed up with DJ Dahi to craft “Want It,” an achingly sexy R&B jam for a Songs From Scratch session for our friends at Yours Truly. Kelela confidently fills in the negative space that Dahi constructs with his sparse drums and calming synths. And then Tink comes in with a seriously cocky verse about stealing a man from his current girl before blithely harmonizing on the hook.

When you are done listening to “Want It,” watch the video below to see how the trio made the song on the spot on a sunny day in Los Angeles.

Watch Tink, Kelela, and DJ Dahi make “Want It” in the studio:

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