Music Geek Track of the Day: ‘To Me’ by Chet Faker

I first caught wind of Australian electonic/soul performer Chet Faker when he collaborated with New Zealand-based producer Ta-Ku on the track “Mahal” a few years ago for Ta-Ku’s album Late NYC. Since the first time I heard that track, I became really invested in both artists, and now I finally have Faker’s first full length, Built on Glass, to fawn over since I discovered him. The album oscillates between funky/soulful and introspective/serious, and I continue to discover new textures each time I listen.

“To Me,” my favorite track from the album, moves like a pendulum in reverse. It starts out rocking within tight confines, as the bassline sparsely jumps up and down between octaves. Slowly — piece by piece — the song gains velocity and gravity; Backing vocals fill in the empty spaces, and by the final moments, you feel sort of surprised by how everything has coalesced so powerfully.

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