Music Geek Track of the Day: Damon Albarn’s “Heavy Seas of Love”

Sure, everyone loves Damon Albarn for his work with groups like Blur and Gorillaz, but I’ll always love him for the score to 1999’s cannibal classic Ravenous. (“That was very…sneaky.”) He’s great in a group setting, but when he lets his freak flag fly on solo projects, there’s just something magical that happens. Albarn fans are in luck, because earlier today the multitalented musician made his debut solo album, Everyday Robots, available for streaming. And, as a cherry on top, Albarn released a video for “Heavy Seas of Love,” a surreal travelogue of vacation footage featuring the vocal talents of ambient music legend Brian Eno, to boot.

Like the crashing ocean waves featured in the video, the song has a calming, hypnotic quality to it. Soulful vocals from Eno lull you into a calming place, then rhythmic percussion and muted chimes take you along for one of hell of a ride. It’s a perfect little three-minute-and-forty-nine-second vacation from the drudgery of the workday. Except unlike a real vacation, you can take another trip with Albarn and co. just by hitting the “replay” button.

Everyday Robots is out on April 28th from Warner Bros./Parlophone. What do you think of “Heavy Seas of Love”? Let us know in the comments below (or tell us on Twitter)!

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