Music Geek Track Of The Day – ‘Bed Peace’ by Jhene Aiko featuring Childish Gambino

This one is a bit of an oldie, and by oldie I mean it came out in 2013. This one is also super-sexy, so either minimize or watch the video in the comfort of your own bedroom, bathroom, garage… anywhere your boss can’t walk behind you, like mine just did.

The name Jhene Aiko is all a-flutter after her star-studded Coachella concert. She brought Drake and Childish Gambino up on stage with her, and maybe it’s because I’m a wee-bit nostalgic for my time in the desert, but it’s definitely because it’s a damn good song.

I like to think of this music video as if Troy from Community were shipwrecked with Levar Burton on an island with only hot chicks. He then falls in love with Jhene and they create beautiful music together.

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