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The month of October just got a lot more interesting, as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith Productions have just slated Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for an October 7, 2014 release. Today’s announcement is accompanied by a grim trailer to prepare you for the game’s dark plot-line:

ShadowofMordor_FOB_PS4Well, that’s quite the way to set the tone for a redemption story. We also get a first look at the game’s box art today, which features the game’s protagonist, Talion, stepping over a field of what are seemingly his slain enemies.

A Shadow of Mordor pre-order will score you the exclusive Dark Ranger bonus pack, which includes the Dark Ranger character skin, access to the game’s leaderboards, and the “Test Of Power” challenge mode.

Warner Bros. Interactive will have quite the jam packed month on the shelves in October, with Batman: Arkham Knight releasing a week later on October 14. Shadows of Mordor will release on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox and PC platforms. Do you think it’s a good idea to have these two games released within a week of each other? Sound off in comments below.

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