Meet Silk, the Hidden Spider-Man Character

Apparently, Peter Parker wasn’t the only person to be bitten by that radioactive spider all the way back in Amazing Fantasy #15. In this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #1, writer Dan Slott is introducing Silk, a mysterious new character being retconned into old Petey Pete’s history as part of the line-wide “Original Sin” event.

Speaking with the New York Daily News, Slott teases, “Where has she been all these years? That sounds like an incredibly big secret, he said, twirling his mustache.”

Amazing Spider-Man #1 brings Peter Parker back to the title role after nearly two years of being dead-ish, with Dr. Ock taking over his life and crime-fighting career. Based on the early image teased by Marvel, it looks like Silk will provide a spoil to our hero, the evil version of all that made Peter good, somehow figuring into the upcoming “Spider-verse” event featuring a metric ton of Spider-people.

It’s the latest attempt to retcon meaning into Peter Parker’s origin story in the 616 Marvel Universe. Everything from “The Other” storyline and all of the spider totem nonsense to the revelation that Peter’s parents were spies have flitted around the margins of his origins, making it seem less like chance (word is, that’s the tack Amazing Spider-Man 2 is taking with his origin on the big screen).

It’s likely, though, that instead of changing Peter’s origin, Silk will somehow show another side of the whole “power and responsibility” mantra we’ve all come to know and love.



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  • I almost cut myself on that character design. That’s how edgy it is.

    But seriously Slott, where has she been all this years? You better have a good explanation in store for this.

    I like her already. One of the biggest issues about the marvel universe has always been that there aren’t enough spider themed heroes/villains.

    Nah seriously, I like her already and I hope her character doesn’t suffer from the overused “I’m better than you” copy & paste personality.

  • “all of the spider totem nonsense”

    I actually greatly enjoyed The Other and all the spider totem stuff. It gave a great new dept to Spider-Man as a character with one foot in science and one in magic. Straczynski rocked Spidey books in a way that Slott I feel doesn’t compare to.

  • Good God. Could we for ONCE have a “Frumpy” comic book heroine? Even in silhouette, this one looks like a fan boy’s dream.

    And I’m a guy.

    Good God. Enough with objectification already!

  • And she built an out of control web shooter too? These things must be child’s play. I’m starting to feel ashamed that I haven’t built one by now.

  • We already had someone who was also affected by the spider, The Thousand. He’s a villain from a unknown tales of Spidey series, who was Peter’s personal bully pretty much all their lives. He was at the exhibit when Peter was bit, then saw Peter become Spidey the night Uncle Ben died, so he went back to the exhibit, and ate the spider. Then he became a bunch of spider who can eat people inside out, and take over their body. He became obsessed with Peter, and tried to take over him, because he felt Peter shouldn’t be Spider-Man, he should.

  • Yeah! Stick it to “The Other” with it’s story about Spider-Man’s origin leading to the creation of a female counterpart to Spider-Man that is his opposite and equal. This is way better, what with this Oppositely Equal girl version of Spider-Man whose origin is intertwined with his.

  • How do so many comic book artists get into the industry without being able to draw basic anatomy? That silhouetted shot isn’t sexualised or stylised, it’s just flat out wrong. Both images are, in fact.

    The artist could maybe get away with that if it were in a comic where they had to tear through an entire books worth of art on a miniscule timeline, but if the promo art is riddled with such fundamental anatomical errors that anyone should be able to pick them up at a glance, they have a real problem.

  • please please make her a edgier hero replace Parker with her for awhile kill off spider-man (every hero has his death of scene that superman basically created lol)

    make her so edgy that her skin is the webbing shown in picture
    that the spider got into more radioactive slim biting her before it died.

    where she mutated into a human spider opposite of spider-man outside in so much so that she had to be put on ice frozen for 50 years since spider-man’s original creation.

    now thats a good story idea

  • wow she looks amazing! Would have loved it more if they amde her Black/Asian or Indian..instead of another white girl (she still could pass for Japanese though lol)

    Maybe she has been in europe all this time? We all know America is sooo unaware of what happens in other country’s that isnt in a 5 kilometer span of them lol …

  • I’m amazed that all the “Pro Equal” tools aren’t realizing that her physiology may have been affected by the radioactive spider bite. Mayhaps she is thinner because she has more obvious, spider-like, physical mutations than what Peter received?

    And that second image is a rough draft sketch of concept art. Chill out people.

  • I thought Venom already had that thing about being a “darker Spider-Man” with a twisted, if not the contrary different side of the “great power, great responsibility” mantra.

  • Lol at AmazedbySpidey. If the spider bite changed her physiology, she would have NO waist. Probably the same spindly legs and arms, though. Search: “spider” before commenting next time.

  • Great, another retcon character. Maybe we can get a whole gaggle of retcon spider-bite victims to form Spider Force and fight against that awful team of Venom symbiotes. Also I think it’s great to remind new readers about comic book events that happened 50 years ago.

  • well silk is 100% hot, her anatomy seems fine,
    just looks like she’s standin with her butt sticking out (so good reflection of todays society of women with high confidence )
    Since everyone seems to want a frumpy character, give silk a little sister or something- everyones happy.

  • You guys are hilarious with your ‘oh no the drawings objectify women’ garble. Do you fail to realize that the majority of men in comic books have muscular statures? Comic books are filled with drawings of amazing bodies, male and female. It’s not like its a double standard. Why on earth would anyone want a fat woman with spider-mans powers? If you want a fat female marvel character have her be a mutant and call her the blobette or something.