Lock and Load With An All New Roll Call Trailer For THE EXPENDABLES III

Regardless of what you thought of the first film, no one can deny The Expendables 2 was one of the best action movies of the last few years and by far the best film thus far to come out of Hollywood’s new obsession with “’80s action revival cinema.” It is because of this that many are so excited for the latest, and seemingly final, installment in Sylvester Stallone’s love letter franchise, The Expendables III, and today, Lionsgate released an all new roll call teaser to show us just what we’re in store for:

Did someone say Demolition Man reunion? No? Well, we are.

Kelsey Grammer, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford… Antonio Banderas?! Man, Sly really ran down the Rolodex on this one. Just please, someone say Terry Crews has a shotgun again. Terry Crews always needs to have a shotgun.

Expendables III opens in theaters on August 15th.

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