Let’s Play DAYLIGHT With The Nerdist News Crew

Zombie Studios’ upcoming fear-inducing spookfest Daylight is out today, and to commemorate the game’s release, the Nerdist News crew held their very first live broadcast on Twitch TV and played through the game in its entirety.

In case you might not have known, Jessica Chobot was the woman behind the pen for Daylight‘s creepy story. And even with that, not even she could make it through the entire livestream without screaming her head off – a testament to what I call genuine horror, my friends.

Though the game is procedurally generated – which means no two playthroughs of the game will be exactly the same– we do discuss several plot elements and uncover the game’s ending cinematic. So if you don’t want the game to be spoiled for you, I advise not viewing the stream unless you’ve finished the game. Otherwise, enjoy!

Watch live video from Nerdist on TwitchTV
Hope you enjoyed our first livestream! Daylight is out for the PS4 and PC platforms today for $14.99, so don’t hesitate to get in on the action if you’re into jump scares.

We’ll be back with much more in the near future, so make sure you head on over and follow our Twitch channel for more live gameplay sessions!

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