Kiss Your Productivity Goodbye, RAPPY BIRD Has Arrived

Damn, damn, damnit! Sega decided their April Fools joke would be to impede on everyone’s productivity by releasing an overly addictive desktop version of Flappy Bird, and man did they ever succeed.

I present to you, Rappy Bird– the slippery slope that is sure to exploit any gap that may exist in your attention span, inspired by the little killable creatures from Phantasy Star Online. Not only is the game highly addictive, but you can also play it in 3D, which may or may not

Right now I’m trying to conquer my high score of 18 and shooting to get to at least 30 sometime before the day ends. Click here to play the game and be sure to leave your high score (if you’re able to break away from the game) in the comments below.

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