Jack Unleashes Hell In An All New Trailer For 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY

Yesterday, Fox took us behind-the-scenes of their highly anticipated limited-series event, 24: Live Another Day. That, along with all the various TV spots that have dropped recently, has turned the return of Jack Bauer into a global event as big as the next Spider-Man film, and today the network has released a full, 2 minute trailer of awesomeness for viewers:

Yup, yup, yup, that’s it right there. That’s the Bauer we want. Intense, driven, man of principle, I don’t think people realized how much they missed the world’s top counter-terrorist agent. The line where Jack is told he is now the thing he’s sworn to protect the world against, a terrorist, it just gives you chills and should make for one hell of a ride.

In addition to the new trailer, FOX has also posted a new viral ad and website featuring fan favorite Chloe O’Brian proclaiming Jack’s innocence regarding the events of the season eight finale:

24: Live Another Day premieres May 5th on FOX.

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