Image Humble Bundle Launches, Pay What You Want for SAGA and More

Still not caught up on Saga or Chew? In love with The Walking Dead TV series and curious about these rumors that it was a comic first?

You might want to get in on this week’s Humble Bundle, featuring a lineup of digital trades from Image Comics.

The pay-what-you-will bundle is serving up four books in the baseline deal, including the first volumes of Morning Glories, Lazarus, Fatale, and East of West. If you spend over the approximately $9 average, the first volumes of Saga, Revival, and Chew get thrown into the mix. And for $15, the first and 20th volumes of The Walking Dead will be added to your purchase.

If you so choose, a portion of your funds will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense fund, continuing to protect the rights of comic creators.

The comics are available in CBR, CBZ, PDF, and ePub, so you might want to consult this handy page about the best available e-readers out there.

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