Get Your Best Look At GODZILLA Yet In This All New TV Spot… And The Villain Has A Face!

Thus far, Legendary has done a fantastic job at marketing their upcoming reboot of Godzilla. All the trailers have been full of life, and a perfect representation of the kind of tone the film is going for. Unfortunatly, we’ve seen next to nothing of Mr. Zilla himself, but that changes with this all new TV spot:

There’s a bit to be analyzed from that mere second glimpse of the king, and it’s this: This Godzilla isn’t a slow beast. It’s very clear he’s able to move his body in legitimate ways that make him a threat, and it won’t just be his size that humans will have to contend with.

In addition to that spot, we also go our first glimpse at the villain monster of the film via some images of the new toys set to be released:

While the color doesn’t line-up with what little we’ve seen, everything else does, and this thing looks freaky, a perfect match for Godzilla to take on at the end of the film.

Godzilla opens in theaters May 16th.