Get To Da Choppa! Predator Invades CALL OF DUTY : GHOST DEVASTATION DLC

Call of Duty: Ghost DLC expansions are turning out to be quite the star studded events – it wasn’t long ago that Michael Meyers was stalking players in the Onslaught DLC pack. Now, Predator has made his way into the Call Of Duty arena in the latest DLC expansion, Devastation.

PredatorThe Devastation pack includes 4 new maps and the next chapter to the Extinction story line. Just like in Onslaught, all it takes is the completion of a Field Order (on the map Ruin) during a match and you’ll have infrared targeted abilities, a should-mounted plasma cannon, and Predator’s signature dual wrist blades at your disposal.

The DLC pack is available for $14.99 for non season pass holders on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions of Ghost.

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