Get Excited for the Premiere of FX’s FARGO With This Preview

We’re still two weeks out from the premiere, but FX has just dropped this two-minute behind-the-scenes video for their upcoming Fargo series, allowing the cast and creators talking about some of the themes and ideas for the show. So if you want to see Billy Bob Thornton wax poetic about his character being god (and the devil), this might be right up your alley.

Martin Freeman plays Lester Nygard, a small-town schlub who gets mixed up with Thornton’s laconic killer, Lorne Malvo. And if this Fargo is anything like the source material, things won’t go well for Lester or Lorne.

More? Check out Nerdist’s previous coverage of Fargo, including the full trailer and that enigmatic first teaser.

The April 15th premiere can’t come fast enough.

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