First-Person Hack and Slash HELLRAID Gets New Engine, Trailer

Not having played a single second of it, I’m (perhaps) unreasonably excited for the upcoming PC hack and slash, Hellraid. The first-person game is being developed by the Dead Island folks at Techland, and that game was a dose of open world zombie crazy. Make it medieval, dark fantasy with a bunch of skeletons and magic, and I’m in.

The game is using Chrome Engine 6, the same engine the developer is using for their other upcoming first-person title, Dying Light, so you can understand why it looks so shiny.

The new video shows off the three modes available in Hellraid including (and this is where I get most enthusiastic about the game) its 2-4 player co-op:

Hellraid will be available as part of Steam Early Access this fall, with a planned 2015 release for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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