Felicia Day and Steven Yeun Will Star In the CHEW Animated Movie

Chew isn’t your average comic. The quirky story by writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory follows the story of cibopath Tony Chu. A cibopath can get psychic readings from an object by biting into it, and over the years, Chu has had to chomp into some pretty disgusting items. Like body parts. And now, we’ll be able to see that action on-screen, because the Eisner Award-winning title from Image Comics is being adapted into an animated feature. Chew for everyone!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun will voice Chu, and The Guild’s Felicia Day will portray his girlfriend, Amelia Mintz. She’s a food critic and a saboscrivner. In this world, that label means she can write about food in such a way that people will taste what she describes as they read her articles. On top of all that wonderful wackiness, Chew is set in a world where all bird meats – yes, including chicken – are illegal after a massive outbreak of bird flu.

chew 2

Layman, Guillory, Scott Boxenbaum, and Dan Tischler are on board as producers, and Jeff Krelitz is set to direct. They aren’t aiming for a theatrical release; instead they’ll be looking into digital broadcast and home entertainment release options. Even though the comic has a big fan base, I could see that it might be hard to sell the premise on a bigger scale. I think an iTunes release or something similar would be ideal.

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