Experience Fantasy Football GAME OF THRONES-Style in Our New “Fantasy Fantasy League”

Fantasy sports leagues are probably the sole reasons you’ll ever catch a nerd like myself fiddling around in the ESPN realm. Like my comrade Dan Casey always says: it’s basically just D&D with athletes, with similar amounts of fun micromanagement and scenario-based strategy being applicable to both.

To celebrate the triumphant return of Game of Thrones this Sunday, the evil geniuses here at Nerdist have discovered a way to take everything we love about fantasy sports, and incorporate them into the wonderful world of Westeros. Without any further ado, it is with great pleasure that we present to you, the official Game Of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League.

Are you obsessed with Game of Thrones and looking for a reason to be even more obsessive? No need to look any further my dragon loving friends,  your new Game of Thrones-related pastime has just arrived. Here’s a closer look at how to play:


Before you get started making your Fantasy Fantasy league, you’ll need to equip yourself with the following tools of trade:

Official Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Rules

Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Draft Sheet

Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy League Scoresheet

Some of you are likely thinking, “But, I’ve read the book and I know exactly when [REDACTED] dies after [REDACTED] admits [REDACTED]!” Well, that’s true. You likely won’t be able to play with your non-reader friends, but why not become the League Game Maester and make sure none of your friends cheat and need to take the Black? Just sit back, relax, sip on some fine Dornish Red and let the good times roll.

And there you have it folks– everything you need to start your very own Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy league. Feel free to share your scores, experiences, any questions and any concerns you may have on this in the comments.

UPDATED: Game of Thrones Fantasy Fantasy rankings

(Editor’s note: we’ll do our best to get these figures out to you in a timely fashion, but as many of you are finding out, there’s a ton of characters! These are calculated by game creator Andrew Nielson. Some of you have slightly different counts in the comments, but any disputes should be resolved by Small Council or your local Game Maester.)

Week 10 – “The Children”
Cersei – 4
Jamie – 2
Meera Reed – 2
Bran Stark – 2
Jojen Reed – -3
Hodor – 3
Brienne of Tarth – 2
Tyrion – 11
Shae – -5
Tywin – -5

Week 9 – “The Watchers on the Wall”
Ygritte – 5
Sam – 2
Alliser Thorne – 2
Tormund Giantsbane – 6
Grenn – 2
Janos Slynt – -2
Styr – 4
Pyp – -2
Jon Snow – 8
Edd Tollet – 3

Week 8 – “The Mountain and The Viper”

Styr: +2
Tormund: +2
Ygritte: +4
Theon: +2
Sansa: +2
Littlefinger: +2
Robin Arryn: -2
Gregor: +3
Oberyn: -3 played, -1 benched
Tyrion: -3

Week 7 – “A Man Without Honor”

Gregor: +3
Sandor: +4
Arya: +3
Jorah: +2
Dany: -2, +2= 0
Daario: +2
Hot Pie: +1 (for a being the only character on the show that is legitimately happy, and giving a speech on kidney pie.)
Littlefinger: +3

Week 6 – “The Laws of Gods and Men”

Ramsay Snow: +4
Yara Greyjoy:: +3
Tywin Lannister: +2
Tyrion Lannister: +2
Davos: +2
Jamie Lannister: -2

Week 5 – “First Of His Name”

Hodor: +3
Sandor: +2
Littlefinger: +5
Bran: +3
Jon Snow: +8
Grenn: +2
Ed Tollet: +1
Lysa Arryn: +7

Week 4 – “Oathkeeper.”

Grey Worm: +2
Dany: +3
Bronn: +2
Jamie: -2
Margaery: +2
Tommen: -2

Week 3 – “Breaker of Chains”

Petyr Baelish – 5 points
Styr – 4 ponts
Tormund Giantsbane – 3 points
Daario Naharis – 3 points
Ellaria Sand – 3 points
Olenna Tyrell – 3 pooints
Ygritte – 3 points
Jamie Lannister – 2 points
Arya Stark – 2 points
Alliser Thorne – 2 points
Cersei Lannister – 2 points
Oberyn Martell – 2 points
Daenerys Targaryen – 2 points
Sandor Clegane  – 2 points
Tywin Lannister – 2 points

Week 2 – “The Lion and the Rose”

Stannis Baratheon: 4 points

Melisandre: 2 points

Tyrion Lannister: 1 point

Ramsay Snow: 1 point

Shae: -1 point

Theon Greyjoy/Reek: -1 point

Joffrey Baratheon: -5 points

Week 1 – “Two Swords”

Arya Stark: 7 points

Sandor Clegane:  3 points

Olenna Tyrell:  2 points

Oberyn Martell: 1 point

Mance Rayder: -1 points

All other characters received a net score of zero points. We will do our best to have these scores calculated for you the day following the original episode’s run.

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  • I was wondering about the weekly recap points myself. Is someone trusted at Nerdist going to be posting scores Monday? I really don’t trust all my friends to be honest! After all, you win or you die.

  • Alright so I counted only three characters that collected (or lost, poor Jon!) any points. Spoiler warning.

    First off Jon was convicted of killing The Halfhand, whom he did kill. He admits to breaking another rule, though isn’t convicted of this and at no point are any of these convictions “wrongful”.

    Second I counted Sandor “The Hound” Clegane at killing four people.

    Lastly Arya, killing two nameless baddies, one named character and enacting a bloody revenge.

    This brings my total count for the episode at:

    -1 Jon Snow
    +4 The Hound
    +8 Arya Stark

    What did you guys come up with?

  • Can you earn double points for the same act? Did Arya kill a named character and exact bloody revenge? No, she exacted bloody revenge by killing a a named character. One act should only get one points award.

    “5 horses, 5 men” I thought Arya killed 2 people and The hound killed 2. (maybe one more guy with the slash to the back. They looked so similar in the fight.

    For Jon, the crime he was accused of was forsaking his vows. Which he was cleared of as he was simply “following orders.” +3

  • I actually got quite a few characters scoring points (or negative points as the case may be. Again, major spoilers ahead.

    Arya: 9 points

    I ended up with a different count here on bodies dropped. While The Hound pretty much beats the crap out of everybody, he actually only kills three of the five men. Arya kills the other two.

    Manipulates The Hound into going into the bar: +2
    Kills one unnamed character: +1
    Kills one named character (Polliver): +3
    Exacts bloody revenge: +3

    The Hound: 3 points

    Reveals his manipulations to Arya re: taking her to the Vale for ransom: +1
    Gets manipulated by Arya re: going into the bar: -1
    Kills three unnamed characters: +3
    (you could argue he scored a torture point for the unnamed character he stabbed in the groin…but soon after he killed him)

    Oberyn: 4 points

    Literally “has it his way” with male escort: +1
    Defeats unnamed Lannister in (very quick) battle but spares him: +2
    Tortures unnamed Lannister by twisting knife stuck in his wrist: +1

    Shae: 1 point

    Has way with Tyrion (may be debatable – but technically…she does get to third base): +2
    Secret visit to Tyrion’s chambers revealed by Cersei’s spy: -1

    But the big winner this week would have to be:

    Olenna Tyrell: 12 points

    Manipulates six handmaidens into finding her a kick ass necklace for Margaery: + 2 (x6)

    Characters who zeroed out:

    Tywin Lannister: 0 points

    Reveals manipulations to Jamie re: giving him new sword in exchange for him going to Casterly Rock: +1
    Plot to have Jamie go to Casterly Rock unraveled by Jamie saying no: -1

    Jon Snow: 0 points

    I actually didn’t think Jon was convicted here…was he? Kinda confusing. If he was convicted wouldn’t he have been sentenced to death? Since he wasn’t, I figured there was no conviction…for now.

    Characters with negative points:

    Jamie Lannister: -1 point

    Plot to stay in Kingsguard to keep having his way with Cersei revealed (and for now, unraveled by Cersei): -1

    Mance Rayder: -1 point

    Plot to attack The Wall revealed by Jon Snow: -1
    (you could transfer this to all other wildling characters as well, but really it’s Mance’s plot)

    Tyrion Lannister: -1 point

    Has Shae’s secret visit to his chambers revealed by Cersei’s spy: -1

    Daario: -1 point

    Plot to ride alongside Danaerys by having pissing contest with Grey Worm unraveled: -1

    Grey Worm: -1 point

    Plot to ride alongside Danaerys by having pissing contest with Daario unraveled: -1

    Sansa Stark: -1 point

    Character is tortured (by her own depression and refusal to eat): -1

    Okay, admittedly that last one might be a stretch.

  • And I disagree that one act should only get one points award. Exacting bloody revenge is a bonus on top of the points you already get for killing a character. After all, plenty of kills are not revenge kills. Think of it like a touchdown in fantasy football. If you catch a 60 yard pass, it’s worth 6 points. If you catch a 60 yard touchdown pass, it’s worth 12 points.

  • I like your assessment Jay Aaseng. However, even if you consider Sansa Stark as torturing herself, wouldn’t those points cancel out, as she is the one inflicing the torture (+1) and receiving the torture (-1). Also, didn’t have his way with the male escort. He was going to, but they never got that far.

  • It appears I did miscount Arya’s kill count, The Hound also may have been at 3, I’m not sure who he’s killing in the last scene, but if it’s a separate person (the inn keeper) than that brings him to 4. That’s a tricky one.

    Jon is convicted of murdering the halfhand. The situation however showed that he murdered him for relatively just reasons.

    I can get behind Oberyn’s scoring, minus the sex scenes. I didn’t give any points for any sex scenes, Shae would be the closest I would be willing to award in my league, but they show too little, and the scene is far to brief for me to consider.

    As far as all of the manipulation scorings I can’t get behind, I don’t believe that Arya manipulates the Hound, she has no interest in if he comes or not, there is not plot. The hound also isn’t manipulating Arya to go anywhere, at most she’s being held captive, it appears that she’s willing to an extent now anyways.

    Olenna ordering servants certainly doesn’t count as manipulation in my opinion. It’s work.

    I don’t personally see the exchange as Tywin and Jamie as manipulation, since he makes the sword to keep in the family, and give it Jamie anyway, again he just wants Jamie to go.

    Lastly plot’s being revealed I take as large/secret plans. Mance Rayders has been revealed before this episode and I have a hard time backing the rest of those as plots.

    Certainly some things that seem to vary from league to league it would appear, It looks like I need to change a few points around for my league as well, thanks for the feedback, Jay!

    It would really help to get some official rulings by the Nerdist! ;]

  • We’ll have the points awarded for our Nerdist League out shortly. Short summary:

    Arya: 7 total points (+1 Nameless, +3 Named, +3 Bloody Revenge)
    Sandor: 3 total points (+1 Nameless x3)
    Oberyn: 1 total point (+1 Torture for the wrist stabbing)
    Olenna: 2 total points (+2 manipulation, awarded for an order that plays the girls against each other.)
    Mance: -1 (Jon reveals his plan to attack the wall.)

    I didn’t give any sexy points, and I’m being wary of manipulations vs. orders. Ultimately, it’s all down to your own opinions on what is clear. I’m erring on the side of caution and only awarding points that are crystal clear examples.

    That said, you guys have made some great arguments for further points being awarded.

  • Hey, guys! We updated the post with this week’s Fantasy Fantasy League points. Some of you may have slightly different values, and that’s okay as it’s slightly subjective, but these were calculated by the game’s creator (see previous comment), so do what you will.

  • First off, that Sansa score was a joke. But it’s true, she would also have to gain a point for torturing herself, as well as losing one, which zeroes her out.

    For Oberyn and Shae, the rule I’m using in my league is third base or higher is having your way with someone, end of discussion. So Oberyn and Shae get points. (I find it especially amusing that Oberyn literally talks about “having his way” with the male escort). Lower bases may get points depending on how explicit or rapey they are, and knowing this show, there’s always a good chance of that.

    And even though it isn’t much of a battle, Oberyn does battle a Lannister and quickly defeats him. (basically raises the question is a quick draw contest a battle? I’d say yes) So I don’t see how he doesn’t get points there.

    I’m still confused about Jon Snow. I always thought a conviction had to also carry a sentence. But if it’s just a matter of Jon Snow being declared guilty for killing Halfhand, then I guess he was convicted.

    For manipulation points, I guess it depends how you define manipulate. The official definition is: “control or influence a person or situation cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.” All of the points I’ve awarded for manipulation fit that definition.

    You can make arguments about Tywin’s intent with the sword, but in my experience he never gives someone something without expecting something in return. With the Hound, he tells Arya he’s controlling her so he can get a ransom for her. And Arya is way too smart to think that she can just walk into that bar and get Needle back herself. She knows damn well if she storms in there Hound will have no choice but to follow her. Definite manipulation. Finally, with Olenna, whether you like it or not she has controlled six different characters cleverly to get what she wants. Cleverly being the key word there.

    The “plot unraveled/revealed” is probably the trickiest of all to score. But again, if you’re sticking to the definition of plot – “a secret plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose, especially a hostile, unlawful, or evil purpose” – than all the places I’ve awarded points apply. Granted the Daario/Grey Worm plot is fairly comical, but it is a secret unlawful scheme that is not sanctioned by their Queen, and once she learns of it she unravels it right quick.

  • Btw, a big thank you to Andrew Nielson for coming up with this! There may be numerous debates about scoring, which in fantasy leagues always has the potential to get out of hand, but it’s all in good fun. In fact the nice thing about these debates is they often lead to further discussion and analysis of the show itself, which is rarely the case with fantasy sports leagues. So in that respect, you’ve beaten the jocks at their own game. Truly a nerdist accomplishment to be proud of.

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  • Can we get explanations to back up point totals? Would be super helpful in understanding how this works. Got much different point tallies on this end. Thanks!