David Letterman Retiring From CBS in 2015

After 22 years on CBS’ late shift, David Letterman announced during today’s taping that he will retire from The Late Show desk in 2015. There are no details as to what he’ll do afterwards, but I’m sure Dave is glad that he outlasted Jay Leno as the face of late night.

Perhaps a recent visit from his very first guest from 20 plus years ago, Bill Murray, last night should have been a sign to us all, but still, this will be a huge shake up in the world of late night, as Conan O’Brien will now arguably be in a class of his own as the longest running host of a late night talk show currently on the air.

It’s also nice to think that one episode of Louie where C.K. was up for a talk show might end up differently if this news is indeed true and Letterman follows through.

H/T: Variety

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