Damn, These 4 New ORPHAN BLACK Posters Make Season 2 Look Pretty Ominous

Listen, we all knew that the second season of Orphan Black wasn’t exactly going to be a skipping through the daisies affair, but, jeez, these new posters are dark. And feel pretty bleak (so much black and grey)… and they certainly don’t give us any sort of reprieve on the fear front previously instilled by the trailer. Though there’s nary an inkling as to what sort of darkness we’re apt to see when the BBC America series returns on April 19th, one thing is for certain: it doesn’t look all that cheery.

Of course our four main clones are featured prominently — Alison, Sarah, Cosima, and Rachel Duncan (deference requires us to use her full name at all times) — alongside their monitors and compatriots. Most interesting, however, is the newfound prominence for Daario Naharis 2.0, a/k/a actor Michiel Huisman, who was previously off in the shadows in the original poster (which you can see above). Looks like his tangled web with Sarah (on which we have some theories — don’t click if you don’t want potential spoilers) will be a major part of season two. Intrigue! Mystery! The morality of human genetic ownership! Attractive people! This show really does have everything.

What do you think Orphan Black has in store for its clones this season? Sound off in the comments.

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