Crackle Orders Comedy Faux Detective Web Series TIGHTROPE From Bryan Cranston

Today, Sony’s online subsidiary Crackle announced its three newest series on their production slate. One of those series is Tightrope from the one and only Bryan Cranston, one nice pick-up for Crackle.

Tightrope will, in its brief description, “juxtapose” a modern character in a classic detective series. It doesn’t clearly state whether they’ll be using footage from an actual classic detective show like Dragnet or will be recreating one and placing a modern day character in it, but I’m guessing that the former would be the case.

Still, following Breaking Bad and the new Godzilla movie, there will probably be few people who wouldn’t be into a Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid-esque web series made by Heisenberg.

HT: Deadline

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