Clone Crisis Continues in New ORPHAN BLACK Trailer

We’re getting ever so close to the premiere of Orphan Black season two on BBC America and there’s another brand new trailer here to whet your already quite whetted appetite. Once more, the clones (all played by the brilliant Tatiana Maslany) appear to be on the run and on their heels this year as Cosima struggles with her illness, Alison contends with being part of the system (and having a husband who’s part of the conspiracy, let’s not forget that bit), and Sarah fights against, well, pretty much everyone as she tries to get her daughter back and not get killed in the process. The trailer is set to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song “Gold Lion,” by the way, which makes it all the cooler.

It’s more mystery, more intrigue, and more clones who couldn’t possibly be more different when Orphan Black Season Two premieres Saturday, April 19th, at 9e/p on BBC America.

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