Check Out The New Features in This MARIO KART 8 Trailer

Next month, the hostile, strategic banana peel dropping extravaganza we’ve come to know as Mario Kart is making its return. Surely thrashing opponents with the abominable (and cheap as hell) blue shell right before they cross the finish line will still be a thing, but what are some of the new features to expect in Mario Kart 8? Check out this new trailer to find out:

As you can see, alongside the new characters and new power-ups, is a larger emphasis on aerial-based gameplay. According to Mario Kart 8 producer Hideki Konno, this iteration will be a lot more balanced and focused on Kart racing skills as opposed to sheer luck like in the previous games. I guess that means there’ll be a lot less of those aforementioned blue shell moments this time around.

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