Check Out An All New Star-Lord Filled Clip From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

While just two days removed from the record smashing opening of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and hours from the premiere of an all new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on ABC, Marvel is already kicking the marketing department into high gear for its next theatrical release, Guardians of the Galaxy. In an all new clip released via MTV, we get an extended look at the opening scene from the original trailer where Star-Lord is seen stealing some kind of space object before being held at gun point by Korath:

And now we have a nice look at Peter Jason Quill in action, mask included.

This may be the weirdest release by Marvel Studios to date, but it also appears it could end up being the most entertaining. The way Quill interacts with the fantastical world around him is stellar, and his quips in every piece of marketing thus far have been hilarious.

Expect much more from Guardians of the Galaxy as we inch closer to its August 1st release date.

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