Cancel the Apocalypse and Call a Meeting at the ‘Pacific Rim’ Conference Table

As the sales of Jaeger and Kaiju toys and t-shirts out there demonstrate, fans still harbor a lot of love for Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. One group of fans who just wrote a massive love letter to the giant monster fight flick are the folks at L.A. video game studio Robotoki. Working with Tom Spina Designs, they’ve created a nine-hundred-pound, twelve-foot-long coffee table that’s set atop a massive Jaeger arm. And they were kind enough to share with us the photos and video below (with its adorable 8-bit version of the Pacific Rim theme music), in which they unpack and assemble this bad boy in their offices… It’s enough to make me wish a Jaeger would fall out of the sky and land in back of my house so I could start making my own Pacific Rim furniture. But if that happened, then the Kaiju would wipe out mankind, and that ain’t happening. Not on my watch.

Pacific Rim Table 3

Pacific Rim Table 2

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