C2E2: Marvel Teases THREE MONTHS TO DIE For Wolverine, STORM Solo Book

It’s easy to roll your eyes when a publisher talks about killing off a major character. When it’s Wolverine, you might actually strain your eye nerves, given how his healing factor is a built-in get-out-of-being-dead-free card.

But Marvel and writer Charles Soule are promising that the upcoming “Three Months to Die” arc isn’t just serving as the kind of story that will shake up the comic universe, but be the kind of story that the character could look back on after his (wholly inevitable) return to life and say, “Yeah, that was a good way to go,” according to Soule.

Comic Book Resources provided an excellent roundup of the “Three Months to Die” panel, which teased out details from the summer event as well as its ramifications for the other books in the X-line, particularly a solo Storm book by Greg Pak with art by Victor Ináñez, as well as the “World Without Wolverine” event, which will look at a Marvel U minus the one-time berserker Canadian.

The beginning of Wolverine’s end kicks off with Wolverine #8 in June, running through issue #12, following the loss of the character’s healing factor. When his many enemies get wind of the fact that he’s no longer a walking resurrection, they plan their revenge with the help of an unseen mastermind. Who would hate Wolverine enough to lead a group of Wolverine haters while going out of their way to hide their identity? I’m just going to say it’s Romulus, back from the dead, and assume that just about everyone has forgotten about that terrible, terrible character.


According to Soule, “Each of the four issues has a slightly different focus. It’s a focus on a different time period of Logan’s adventures… and on a different type of Logan.”

“World Without Wolverine,” meanwhile, will offer glimpses into what life is like without Logan using both events in the immediate aftermath of his death as well as flash-forwards involving characters like Quentin Quire (who’ll also be meeting up with the All-New X-Men in Brian Michael Bendis’ book).

If you’re feeling all Wolverine-d out, Greg Rucka will drop the super serious Cyclops into a space-faring adventure with his pirate father Corsair, while Amazing X-Men gets a standalone issue from Kathryn Immonen before Craig Kyle and Chris Yost take over as the regular writing team with “World War Wendigo” in a story focusing on X-23 and Alpha Flight.

Meanwhile, another very, very exposed character, Deadpool, will get a reprint of the Infinite Comics digital strip Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet, and Deadpool Vs. X-Force will tell the tale of the first meeting between the ’90s incarnation of the team and Wade Wilson from writer Duane Swierczynski with art by Pepe Larraz. The “Original Sin” event will also show readers the terrible thing that happened to Deadpool’s parents.

Finally, fall of 2014 will bring an event called “Axis,” teased with a title at the end of the panel. “Axis of Evil?” Maybe some kind of new Brotherhood? Your guess is as good as mine.


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