Watch the Nerdist Panel from Emerald City Comicon LIVE!

Even if you’re not up in Seattle, WA, for this year’s Emerald City Comicon, you can still be there for the Nerdist Live! Panel via a spiffy and nifty live stream happening at 11:30am PT today. The panel will see Nerdist Editor-in-Chief Brian Walton lead a lively discussion of all things going on in the nerdiverse along with Nerdist’s Gaming Editor Malik Forte, Sex Nerd Sandra Daugherty, and perhaps even a guest or two from a particularly Thrilling podcast. We won’t say who… but it’ll be cool, you guys.

Be sure to join the live stream below from 11:30-12:20 PT to experience what kind of Nerdist shenanigans our panelists will get up to in the greenest convention in the country, save the Annual Deciduous Leaves Extravaganza.

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