The Dude Will Abide at This Year’s Lebowski Fest L.A.

Only four years after the Coen Brothers made one of their most celebrated films in The Big Lebowski, 2002 saw the start of a live event dubbed “Lebowski Fest“. From humble beginnings in Louisville, Lebowski Fests have popped across the country and even in the U.K., making the fandom of Big Lebowski almost get into the league of Rocky Horror Picture Show fandom.

This year’s Lebowski Fest L.A. will be a special occasion, not only for the fact that so many people have gathered for it that it requires the fairly large Wiltern Theater to house the festivities, but The Dude himself is coming to play with his band, perfectly named The Abiders. Jeff Bridges, whose musical talents you might have seen in another critically acclaimed film, Crazy Heart, is going to play a set before a screening of The Big Lebowski, along with a set from the Kyle Gass Band as well as special guests from the cast. And there’s also a bowling party, because of course there is.

You can get tickets for Lebowski Fest L.A. for April 25th at The Wiltern here and for the Bowling Party at Fountain Bowl on April 26th here. And for the Nerdist Channel’s coverage of a previous Lebowski Fest on Just Cos, click here.

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