Spinoff!: @midday With ‘Chad Softwick’

By now, you know how successful Chris Hardwick’s @midnight has been, and its success has not escaped Comedy Central. And for every successful TV show, there’s an opportunity for a spinoff. So, tonight, look for a special announcement, and — oh, here it is, the unveiling of @midday with your host, Chad Softwick:

Why, yes, Chad DOES look a lot like Will Ferrell in a Chris Hardwick-circa-mid-’90s wig, come to think of it. Heeeeeyyyy, are we being pranked here? Why… I oughta….

See the whole thing tonight at midnight/11c on Comedy Central.


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  • This is too funny!…As much as I LOVE @Midnight…I’m a little saddened @Midday won’t be a real show! It couldn’t help but be hilarious especially with Will Ferrell-{AKA:Chad Softwick!} as host! …Though it would never be a threat to @Midnight since it’s such a great show & as far as the host goes, Chris Hardwick totally makes the show! Love his intelligent, quick witted, sense of humor…Like Will Ferrell, Chris isn’t afraid if it’s high brow or low brow, funny is funny! That’s what makes a great comedian so enjoyable to watch. -And why we tune in EVERY night after Colbert. Watching the show truly feels like we’re sitting around our living with our good friends…well, to be honest we’re usually laying in bed watching in our bedroom, but that just didn’t sound right, ha, ha!-{My husband’s also a comedian/writer, so we all have similar sense’s of humor.} …Bravo!, to everyone @Midnight you’ve created a fantastic show!…Thank you for the laughs & sending us to dreamland with a smile on our face!-{now we don’t feel obligated to do it ourselves!!}-Yes, I went there! ;) *peace & laughter!

  • Finally a show I can do incredible well at!! I want to be a panelist of @midday. My question is…will there be lunch? Because eating lunch should be a very important part of @midday. You could have the game “Bacon: a very good food or the best food ever?”

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