Rifftrax To Do Total Riff Off on National Geographic on April Fool’s Day

This coming April Fool’s Day is already shaping up to be a memorable one (even if you know some of the surprises going into it). Rifftrax (Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett, and Kevin Murphy from the legendary MST3K) are set to do a Total Riff Off on National Geographic programming. So, there will be a good ol’ riffin on such things like “Man vs. Balrog” and more.

For all the times that narration, voiceover, and human plot lines have been added in over footage of animals in the wild for the entertainment of kids (see: Meerkat Mansion), this will be a more than welcome funny version of that idea. Also, it’s worthwhile to catch the Rifftrax crew whenever, especially when they get a chance to return to your TV.

As of now, mark down April 1st at 8 PM ET on National Geographic Channel for Total Riff Off.

HT: Daily Dot

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