More Mickey Mouse! Season Two of Super Stylized Cartoon Shorts Is Coming Soon!

Mickey Mouse has been traveling the globe lately in some slick, stylized, colorful cartoon shorts, and they’re REALLY GOOD. Season One debuted in 2013 with the Parisian adventure of Croissant De Triomphe, and from there, Mickey jaunted to locales like Italy, Tokyo and the Alps. Season Two will once again find Mickey and pals globetrotting to Spain, Holland and India – and even to outer space.

Season Two kicks off on April 11 on The Disney Channel at 9e/p with the San Francisco-set “Cable Car Chaos,” where Mickey and Minnie must stop a runaway cable car as it careens through the city’s famous streets. And heads up — Disneyphiles should keep an eye out for Easter eggs placed lovingly throughout the series by the production team.

Allons-y Monsieur Souris!

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