Monty Python to Record 5 New Tracks for MONTY PYTHON SINGS Reissue

With their live reunion shows that sold out in mere seconds looming this Summer, Monty Python are making the most of teaming up again by reissuing their musical comedy album Monty Python Sings again with 5 new tracks.

Eric Idle tweeted yesterday:

As to what the songs will be or how much they’ll be like their classics is a point of speculation, but either way, I’d predict that when it drops, it’ll be one of those moments best described as “the Internet exploding.” This and their reunion shows could very well make for a Year of the Monty Python, if there was a comedy Chinese zodiac calendar.

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  • Woot! I am for ANYTHING that involves more python material.

    Prediction: one of the new songs will be self-depreciating and reference that they are solely doing it for the money.

    Peace .n. this is an Ex-Parrot!

    3ToF..working on my silly walk.