Marvel and Disney Tease New Theme Park Comic Possibly Featuring Figment

Marvel and Disney launched a series of comics based on locations and characters from Disney theme parks earlier this year with Seekers of the Weird. It’s published under the Disney Kingdoms headline, and the two issues that have been released of the five issue run have received mostly positive reviews. When the limited series ends in May, Disney and Marvel are going to follow it up with another Disney Kingdoms story and they’ve just given Inside the Magic a teaser. Check it out:

Spark cover

Marvel and Disney didn’t provide any details or even confirm the title, but this single image gives us clues. The combination of the color purple and the word “SPARK” should ring bells for any fan of Disney’s Epcot theme park. It only takes “one little spark” to recognize that all signs seem to be pointing to Figment! Yes, we live in a world where the mascot of Epcot’s Imagination! pavilion could star in a comic. It’s wonderful.

Rather than focusing on the purple dragon, the comic by Jim Zub and Filipe Andrade could be more about the ride on which Figment appears: Journey Into Imagination. There’s certainly plenty to explore in the fun, if slightly wacky, attraction. Perhaps we’ll even see Dreamfinder in the pages of a comic! A girl can hope.

What sort of story do you think the “Spark” teaser points to? Let us know in the comments.

HT: Inside the Magic

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