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Matthew Weiner’s award-winning AMC series Mad Men is coming to a close, or at least, the first half of its close. Following in the footsteps of Breaking Bad, Mad Men’s seventh season will be split into two parts: one this Spring, and one in Spring 2015. I’ll admit, I’m still not pleased about the two-part season; One season already feels too short! On the other hand, a two-part season means even more time to wonder what will become of boozed up, womanizing ad man Don Draper, his brilliant protege Peggy Olson, and the rest of SCDP.

Mad Men

Mad Men’s promos are notoriously vague. Though some might find it frustrating, it is nice to have a little mystery in a world where spoilers abound. Plus, the enigmatic nature of these previews make it all the more fun to speculate.

Mad Men

The new promos for Season 7 are just as ambiguous as you’d expect, but they do have a one thing in common: travel. More specifically, air travel. Aviation has been an recurring theme in Mad Men, from the plane crash that killed Pete’s dad to Ted’s piloting skills. We left Don and the kids at his former childhood home last season, but do they stay? Is jet-setting a major arc in the final season, or do the promos lend some weight to those pesky DB Cooper theories?

AMC also released a new poster for Season 7, which shows Don back in his signature pose, peering at a colorful, psychedelic print. (Let’s hope this means more acid trips.) From day one, Mad Men has navigated its way throughout the 1960s, and as it steps into its final chapter, we’ll definitely be seeing more and more of the cultural and political changes that occurred at the end of the decade.

Mad Men

What do you think of the promos so far? Is this merely the end of Mad Men, or the end of Don Draper himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Mad Men Season 7 Part 1 premieres Sunday, April 13th on AMC. In the meantime, let’s watch Weiner and the cast bowl against Chris Hardwick and Team Nerdist in a round of Chris Hardwick’s All-Star Celebrity Bowling:

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