Look For An Edited Version Of THE WALKING DEAD On MyNetworkTV This Fall

mynetworktvlogoYou guys love The Walking Dead, right? You love the ultra-violence? The gore? The morally questionable characters? Well get ready to have a lot of that cut out for a more “family-friendly” edit that will be made to accommodate the purchase of exclusive off-network syndication rights of the series by MyNetworkTV.

Starting this fall, the broadcast semi-network (owned by Fox, made up of affiliates left over during the WB/UPN merger that created The CW, and now airing off-network reruns in prime-time blocks) will air a version of the zombie-drama that complies with broadcast self-regulation that allowed it to meet a TV-14 rating. What that will look like is anyone’s guess, but bet on most of the edits having to do with language and less on violence, as much of the standards have eased up in recent years on that front (just ask The Blacklist). The network will air two episodes back-to-back one night a week.

You gotta hand it to AMC and Robert Kirkman; Creating the hottest series with adults 18-49 doesn’t come without its perks. Everyone, and this news does confirm everyone, wants in on the zombie action. Whether it’s creating a comedic zombie series like The CW had Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) do with iZombie, or re-cutting a fan favorite, zombie shows are not going away any time soon.

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