Kevin Bacon + THE TONIGHT SHOW = Your FOOTLOOSE Dreams, Realized

Is there anything Jimmy Fallon can’t do? Honestly, some days I’m not so sure that he’s not some sort of magical shaman, placed on the earth to bring happiness and joy to the world. Don’t you think if we were to task Jimmy Fallon with, like, forging world peace, getting Grumpy Cat to smile, or making sure George R.R. Martin doesn’t kill off our favorite characters on Game of Thrones, he could make it happen? Because seeing Kevin Bacon recreate his sweet, sweet Footloose dance moves during his appearance on The Tonight Show last night was not something to which I ever thought I would bear witness. But here we are! Some days the world is truly magical, innit?

If you enjoy dancing, glitter, and pure, unadulterated ’80s nostalgia, press play immediately. For the rest of you curmudgeons, you might as well do the same. It’s too good not to, I swear.

Anybody else ready to cut footloose? Let us know in the comments.

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